Venetian plastering courses

A Venetian plastering course in London from professional applicators for DIY, trade, beginners or professionals.

From 2016 November Marco Polo Decor continues to offer outstanding Venetian plastering courses through Impera Italia, an English-Italian brand dedicated to providing designers, trade and end-users with excellent materials and courses; these courses offer hands-on, practical training covering various polished plasters (Stucco, Grassello or Lucido, Marmorino, Travertino, Intona) as well as range of metallic, iridescent and pearlescent decorative finish applications. We not only teach our students learn how to apply the traditional, lime-based Marble plasters, but also the application modern, contemporary acrylic Venetian plasters and metallic, iridescent, pearly and many other types of finishes.

The mission established in 2010 remains the same, to provide people with the knowledge and training to achieve the best traditional and contempory high-end finishes and we will continue to develop more effective methods and more consistent techniques based on on-site experience.

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What you learn

You will learn how Venetian plasters and decorative finishes can and should be applied on ceilings, angles, windows, piers, columns and other surfaces.

Our instructors have extensive (10+ years each) on-site application experience and this, combined with their theorethical knowledge will ensure that you will know how to achieve the best results and how to adapt when problems arise.

Beside learning the application of the finishes, we will show you how the various protectors (waxes and sealers for Venetian plasters) and primers should be used, how to prepare a surface and you will get familiar with the various tools needed for Venetian plaster and decorative finish applications.

The duration of our courses is one, two or three days, but bespoke one-to-one training and courses covering theory or special applications can be arranged.

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Questions and answers

Q: Do I get a certificate when I finish the course?

A: You get a certificate of completion and can work towards an Impera Italia approved applicator certificate. Impera Italia works with the most well known manufacturers of Venetian plaster and special Italian finishes in the world (Pavan, CAP Arreghini, San Marco and many others).

Q: Will we do whole walls ?

A: Participants practice the finishes on large boards, but each student will get the chance to practice on as many square metres as they can manage. Usually students do between 5-10 square metres of Venetetian plaster trowelled effect (incorrectly called "spatulata"). This doesn't include other finishes and effects. We teach the techniques and trade secrets with which our students will be able to create superior finishes on almost any scale. Our belief is that if you can't control the movement, combine the techniques and finishes, you won't be able to complete any project - that's the reason we concentrate on technique and control instead of large coverage.

Q: Why do you call your course Venetian plastering not Stucco / Marble / Polished / Decorative plastering course?

Basically marble or polished plaster is another name for Venetian plaster (Italian: Stucco Veneziano, Stucco Lucido or Grassello di Calce). Our belief is that what matters is the quality of the material and the knowledge of the applicator. Our goal is to provide the people who train with us with the best of both, regardless of trade names. 

Q: Why should I choose Impera Italia's Venetian plastering course?

1. Our teachers have been trained in Italy, applied 5-10.000 msq of Venetian and other decorative plasters and achieved Master Applicator status 

2. Our team is arguably the most knowledgeable about the cost, competitiveness, theory and application of Italian decorative finishes in the UK

3. Our main goal is to teach others about the effective modern and traditional methods of Venetian plastering from ArmourCoat inspired applications to bespoke feature wall creation to increase and maintain the standards of the trade